I have started experimenting with artistic NFTs and have some interesting projects planned in the future. In the meantime, this page is here to provide some basic information for those who may be interested in what I’m doing.

Marketplace Profiles

I’m starting with OpenSea because I like the features but much of their solution is still very centralized. However, I have created some accounts on a few of the more popular marketplaces.

Unlockable Content

I plan to offer additional Unlockable Content for most of my NFTs. This will typically include a personal message from me, higher resolution artwork, sometimes alternate versions, and often times additional documents for reference. This content is distributed off the blockchain, but in a decentralized way using pinned IPFS content that is encrypted and digitically signing for authenticity. In this way, the additional content is stored in a decentralized way that can persist long after I’m gone. However, the token gating (unlocking) is currently not standardized so will require the use of the marketplace to obtain the secrets requires to access the content. Once an owner unlocks the secrets, they can keep a backup copy themselves to share with future owners.

Read my guide on Verifying Off Chain Content to learn more.

Copyright and Terms of Use

By default, I plan to retain copyright of anything that I publish, and prohibit commercial use. This is in part to protect my rights and in part to be in a postion where I might be able to help owners of NFTs legally enforce their ownership. I will publish the terms of use on IPFS and include the link with each NFT.